How to Complete a Half Marathon?

It is not easy to start a marathon, like running 10KM or even 21.0975KM. To ensure safety, runners should develop training plans and gradually achieve their goals.

As someone who had completed several 10KM small marathons before, I decided to start preparing for my first half marathon. Three months ago, with the help of Nike Run Club app, I developed a two-month training program and finally achieved my goal on July 27, 2019.

The record of my first half marathon

Here, I want to share my way to complete a first half marathon. Let me first introduce you to your first 10K run, assuming you are a beginner.

Based on my experience, I suggest you go from 3KM, 5KM, 7KM to 10KM. For many people who rarely run, running a lasting 3KM can be difficult. But 3KM is your first obstacle to starting a long run, so you have to overcome it. At first, you can run very slowly, but make sure you can finish it. Then, run 3KM every few days to familiarize your body with this running intensity. I do not recommend running every day because your knees need to rest.

When you think the distance of 3K is OK, you can try 5K now. From 3K to 5K should be easy, because you have overcome the biggest difficulty in running(taking the first step). After 5KM, it is natural to complete 7KM and 10KM. When you train for longer distances, interval training for shorter distances and concentrating on improving your speed is also a good method.

So far, congratulations on completing most of the half marathons!

From 10K to 21.0975KM, my advice is to follow a professional training program. You need systematic training to complete a professional running race. This way, you can avoid injuries and extend your running life as much as possible. For me, I chose the preparation training plan in the Nike Run Club app. First, I entered my data, such as height, weight, training intensity and number of times per week, then it automatically generated a training plan for me. I have completed this plan and achieved my goal, thinking it was not hard to follow.

So, keep running, keep living. In the future, my first full marathon is waiting for me.