Marathons & Sporting Events

Since I decided to lose weight by running, my running volume has gradually gone up, but sadly my weight has also increased. Here, I would like to share some of the marathons and other interesting sporting events that I have participated in.

2022.10.14, Friday
Toyosu Night Run, 10K, Tokyo

It has been 3 years since the last marathon (time flies and we have been living with Covid-19 for 3 years!). Taking advantage of the company's opportunity to participate in this marathon, I restarted to play in such activities this October.

The event was well organized. I arrived at the spot, got my supplies (some gifts and t-shirts), changed into my tracksuit, joined the crowd at the starting point, started running after the announcement, and finally ran the entire 10K in just over an hour:

Route Tracking Certification

Toyosu is a modern and beautiful city, just like some big cities of China, Hangzhou and Shanghai. It's near the sea, and I felt cool while running. The night was not so dark with the lights of multiple tower mansions. The event organizer also arranged for staff to guide the runners and provided a water supply spot, making the event safe and considerate.

One main difference between this marathon and the marathons I joined in China is that this marathon didn't provide medals to runners. Instead, it provided certifications of event participation with running performance. Since one of my hobbies is collecting specially designed medals, I felt a little disappointed that there were no medals (I feel like I would get a couple of such certifications in marathons of Japan instead of medals in the future too (T▽T)).

All in all, I enjoyed this event and hope to participate in similar events more often from now on!

2019.06.16, Sunday
City Discovery 2019 Hangzhou City Orienteering Race, Hangzhou

This competition was similar to the previous orienteering challenge held in Shanghai. This time, I formed a team with my friend Maomao, and our team name was Sailor Moon Dinosaur Team. Yes, I am Sailor Moon and he is the dinosaur. I think the city orienteering competition in Hangzhou is more interesting because there is no perfect subway system. We spent a lot of time riding, so that we could take advantage of our physical strength and be ahead of the other teams. Therefore, we won the first prize! But at that time, when we returned to the destination and the staff there told us that we were the first, we could not believe it. Besides this, the route was quite good, and we went to several famous spots in Hangzhou, like City Balcony, Bagua Tian Site, Guanyao Museum of Southern Song Dynasty, Drum Tower, Hangzhou Botanical Garden and Xixi Wetland. Then we took the prize and went to KFC to eat a family bucket. Impressive competition! Here is the medal:


2019.05.25, Saturday
China Coordinates City Orienteering Challenge, Shanghai

This was my first time participating in an orienteering challenge. I made a team with four other friends and went to some locations in Shanghai on the day of the game. We went to a few places, like Shanghai Library, Shanghai Confucius Temple, Shanghai Anti-Drug Science Education Museum and so on. We spent most of our time on the subway, and sometimes we ran a little bit. Generally speaking, the game was good and it let me enjoy the fun of cooperating with my friends. Here are the meaningful medals:


2019.05.18, Saturday
Lao Feng Xiang 5th Hangzhou Women's Running, 10K, Hangzhou

This marathon was organized by Lao Feng Xiang, a famous jewelry company. Successful registration depended on the registration speed (First come, first serve). Luckily, I signed up quickly and succeeded. This was a good marathon because the route was in the famous West Lake scenic spot, and the medal was a precious 925 Silver Limited Edition Magnolia Brooch! However, some routes were on the roadside. When vehicles passed by, there was automobile exhaust. Nevertheless, it was still a wonderful event. My route tracking and brooch:

Route Tracking Brooch

2019.04.27, Saturday
China Merchants Bank Health Run, 6K, Hangzhou

This marathon was organized by China Merchants Bank. Because I had a credit card of the bank, I could sign up and it cost no registration fee. Participants needed to be selected, and I finally became one of the lucky numbers. The running distance was not long and it was easy to finish. The running route was mainly in Fudi of Xixi Wetland, which was a place open to vehicles. Sometimes cars came in, so it was a bit crowded and not very safe. But in general, running a marathon is always enjoyable. My certificate and medal of the competition:

Certificate & Medal

2019.04.14, Sunday
Disney Inspiration Run, 10K, Shanghai

My first marathon was the first Shanghai Disney Inspiration Run in September 2018. That was an unforgettable marathon, and I think it encouraged me to keep running in my life. For more details about the first Disney Marathon, you can learn more from my previous post. So, when I heard that Disney was going to hold another marathon in April this year, I did not hesitate to sign up. Although this year's registration fee had become more expensive, even more expensive than a Disneyland ticket, I still thought the price was worth it. Disney Marathon has the most comfortable competition suits and the most beautiful medals. I now use that suit as my training suit and have that medal in my collection. By the way, the registration fee does not include a Disneyland ticket. If you want to go to the park, you need to buy an additional ticket.

So on that Sunday, thousands of participants came to Disney Resort. We started running at 8:00am. This time, it took me less than 1 hour to complete the 10K run, which created my personal best. The running route was quite good, I stayed in the park for a long time. You can see my route tracking, and the most important medal:

Route Tracking Medal