Google Girl Hackathon Season IV, Shanghai


This year, I am lucky to have the opportunity to participate in Google Girl Hackathon Season IV in Shanghai, from 6th July to 8th July. I made friends with my teammates and developed a good project with them as a team leader. Our project won the User Experience Award in this Hackathon and we really had a full and meaningful time.

On the first day, we checked-in, attended an opening & warming up, gained some insights into Google, and we were given a diversity key note and an AI tech talk. We had a buffet in Google Canteen and the food there were rich in variety and good in taste. I really like the canteen and want to work in Google! Then we explored Google Office, had a group activity and another diversity panel. After a short break and coffee time, our Hackathon 101 began!

After a hack-idea brainstorm, our team decided to develop an application that can help people to find a better mixed transport plan with limited money and time cost, because no matter Google Map or Baidu Map currently could only supply us with either only public transportation or only taxi, but we wanted a smarter way to combine these two. So we decided to use Google Map Api to help us develop this website-based application. And as a team leader, I made the development plan and milestones, and assigned tasks to all the team members.

In the Hackathon, we were hard working and coding, almost from 9:30am 7th July, to 3:00am 8th July. We cooperated with each other and finished most of our work before we went to bed before dawn. After a short sleep, we finished the left work and prepared for our presentation. The whole project is on my Github, though it is tiny with limited functions, it is a useful tool that can help people for better life, reflecting our passion and energy.

Thank Google for offering me such a great chance to cooperate with other excellent people, especially with other great girls. We made good friends and collaborate efficiently. We started from an idea and achieved it step by step, and had gained the approval of others. It is a wonderful experience for me and I hope I can take part in more such activities in the future.