Life in Tokyo, compared to Hangzhou #01 (about delivery)

So this time, I have been in Tokyo for two and a half months, and I think I am used to life here.

I remember the first few days in Tokyo this time when I arrived at my empty apartment, laid out bedding on the floor, and laid down to sleep. Then I needed to buy various machines such as refrigerator, washing machine, kettle, etc. I also needed to buy my bed, mattress and other bedding. The first item I bought was curtains, since my house has a floor-to-ceiling window, and I need curtains to protect privacy. There is a very good view from my balcony, and I can clearly see the Tokyo Skytree, and you can never imagine how beautiful and colorful the tower is at night. Then I went to Bic Camera to buy various electronic machines and went to Nitori to buy various furnitures. Gradually, my empty room became a little crowded and became my first home abroad.

The first thing that is very different from Hangzhou is that delivery speed in Tokyo is too slow! It took me about 2 weeks to receive the delivery from Bic Camera and Nitori. As I lived in Hangzhou for 7 years, I can never imagine that I would spend so many days waiting for delivery. Because in Hangzhou, almost all items can be purchased online, and the goods can usually be received in about 3 days. I think one reason is that now I can only receive the goods on weekends, and the other reason is that human resources here are so scarce that they can’t arrange the shipment immediately.

When the delivery man arrives in my apartment building, he will first press the lobby button to call me through the intercom in my room, and he rarely calls me over the phone. This means I have to stay home and wait for delivery! When I have to wait at home, I feel like a prisoner in jail. I don’t like feeling not free. And I hope someday they can notify me by phone, then even if I am in my friend’s house nearby, I can still get my goods in time.

Another different thing is there are some deliveries that the postman must give me in person. Even if there is a delivery box for my room, the postman will not put these items there. Instead, he will leave a note for me and let me reschedule the time for delivery, and I should wait in my home... But in Hangzhou, even some very important documents, such as passports, the postman can place them in somewhere like delivery box and I can go there to fetch them at anytime. For things like this, I think the Japanese way is much safer.

To be continued.