Life in Tokyo, compared to Hangzhou #02 (about social applications)

Today I want to talk about social applications.

The biggest problem I face with social softwares available in Tokyo is that I have too many options, and none of them can meet my all needs. In other words, I have to use multiple softwares at the same time. Some of my friends mainly use APP 1, some mainly use APP 2, some mainly use APP 3, and so on.

Here are some social softwares I have used in Tokyo so far:

  1. Line: Similar to WeChat. It is mainly used for direct communication with others I think. Line Pay is built in, and I can use it to pay stores and friends(like WeChat Pay and Alipay). Also, you can make a post there and your friends can view and comment(like the Moments function built in WeChat). One drawback I found was the limited number of stores that support Line Pay, so I can't use it all the time.

  2. Twitter: It is mainly used for posting with a word limit. All users in Twitter can view and comment on your posts, they can also retweet your posts. Also, you can send direct messages to others. No payment function. I like to use it to post my daily thoughts.

  3. Facebook: Mainly similar to the Moments function built in WeChat. If you want to communicate with others directly, Facebook will automatically redirect to another software called Messenger.

  4. Messenger: Facebook-related communication tool.

  5. Instagram: Like weaker Twitter.

  6. Whatsapp: Mainly for communication.

For some reasons, all the 6 softwares I mentioned above cannot be used in China. And instead, we have WeChat, the most perfect social application, that can meet all my needs.

When I was in China, after I got a new mobile phone, the first application I would download must be WeChat. Because I mainly use it to contact with my family and friends, by text, voice and video. Also, I use WeChat Pay to process most currency transactions, not only for online shopping, but also in most stores in Hangzhou, and even hospitals. I can also use WeChat to rent a shared bike as well as to call a taxi. My ID information can be tied to my WeChat account, so I can use it to access many public resources, such as online registration for hospitals.

WeChat is also a good platform to see posts of my friends there. One good thing is, if someone is not my WeChat friend, the person cannot see my posts. I think it does protect my privacy.

Last but not least, as a lazy person, I prefer a complete software to many incomplete ones.