Thinking about housing

Recently I feel like it is time to look for another mansion to live in Tokyo.

Time flies, I have been living in my current mansion in Asakusa for nearly 2 years. The room is small (25 ㎡) but has all the spaces needed for daily life.

And I have been working from home for nearly one and a half years. Sometimes I think that my bedroom is too small and I cannot do any activities because I put a double-sized bed in it. My kitchen is not big enough, I don't have enough space to handle food and cannot knead the dough for baking.

Several times I wanted to move to another ideal room, but it seemed too cumbersome to put my ideas into action (Yeah I am lazy), so I have been living in the same room until now.

My contract will expire in this September, so now it is the right time to think about what I really want for housing.

After some considerations, I found that for me, there are a few points that I do care about:

  1. A beautiful view from the balcony.
    Working from home can really reshape people's habits. Now I almost spend all my weekdays at home and go shopping two or three times a week. The only way to make me feel that I am not isolated from the outside world is to have a look from my balcony. In the daytime, I would like to open the curtains to let sunlight enter my room. It really helps me relax and keep a good sense in the global pandemic. At present, I can almost see the entire Tokyo Skytree from my balcony, and I think that is kind of my spiritual belief now.

  2. A runway nearby.
    I no longer go to the gym to practice, but I do need to keep my running practice. So I think it is necessary to have a runway near my home. For safety and pollution reasons, running on the street is not my choice. I find that running along the river is a good choice. And currently, I mainly run along the Sumida River, enjoying the beautiful scenery while running.

  3. The house should be as new as possible.
    No more explanation for this one.

  4. Near supermarkets.
    There are no shared bicycles in Tokyo. It's not convenient if supermarkets are far away.

  5. A large kitchen?
    Maybe this one can be considered later. Baking does not happen very often. A basic kitchen can handle cooking for one person's meals.

I think my current room suits me well. It satisfies all the above conditions except for a large kitchen. I would like to continue to live here if possible, but also look forward to living in a new environment and experiencing more. So I still need to think about housing for a while. After all, no one knows what will happen tomorrow.