Why is Microsoft so respectable, at least for its future engineers?

Recently, I have contacted with Microsoft several times, because I took part in its internship interview and got the offer, and knew more about this company than before.

As an engineer, I think Microsoft is respectable after my first time going to Suzhou to attend my interview and meet three technical interviewers from Microsoft. All the three engineers were very kind when they tested me and had a good communication with me, especially my third interviewer, who spoke gentle and softly, equipped with superb technology that I can read from his questions and talk, even though I don't know his name or title, and I hope that I can work with him later.

After I receiving the internship opportunity from Microsoft, it invited us to have a tour in Suzhou. Can you guess what kind of tour it was? Well, the guiders first took us to two house sales offices and some sales clerks introduced these new buildings to us. I began to think that Suzhou is a good place to live in, not only because Microsoft is there. Then the guiders took us to some communities for renting houses, because that is exactly what we need when we come to work in Suzhou. Later, we also visited some famous spots near Microsoft, and then went back home.

In overall, I think Microsoft is considerate and can do real good things for its staffs, no matter how it organizes activities or how its engineers behave to others. I think I would be happy to be a Microsofter and work there, as long as I can do the job that I can enjoy.